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Welcome to Te Uri O Hau

This is the start of Te Uri o Hau' path to improving it's website.  We will progressively enhance the site over the coming months and welcome any contributions from Te Uri o Hau whanau.

Te Uri o Hau is a Northland hapu of Ngati Whatua whose area of interest is located in the Northern Kaipara region.

Te Uri o Hau descends from Haumoewaarangi through Hakiputatomuri, who is the tribe‚Äôs founding ancestor, and includes people who affiliate to nga marae tuturu: Otamatea, Waikaretu, Oruawharo, Arapaoa

The tribe has settled its historical grievances with the Crown and is developing the future for its people with many more stories to be told. This website will tell some of those stories and we hope you enjoy your journey here with us.